Welcome to the Public Housing Program

Our Public Housing apartments are located in:

  • 1 bedroom - Marked Tree, Lepanto, Harrisburg, Weiner, Fisher
  • 2 bedrooms - Marked Tree, Lepanto, Harrisburg, Weiner, Fisher
  • 3 bedrooms - Marked Tree, Lepanto, Harrisburg, Weiner, Fisher
  • 4 bedrooms - Marked Tree

Summary of the PCHA Lease

Move Out Policy
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  • You must give a written thirty-day notice if you plan to move out.
  • You should plan to have all items moved out and your cleaning complete by then if you wish the rent to stop at that time. You should make arrangements regarding the date you will complete the move.
  • We must make a move-out inspection.
  • Your Security Deposit will not be refunded until keys are turned in and you will be charged (at cost) to replace locks on unit and mailbox.
  • Cleaning charges are posted in the lobby of our offices.
  • You will be charged for any cleaning that is necessary after you have moved out. If cleaning charges exceed security deposit, you will be responsible for the difference.
  • The following items must be cleaned:
    1. All floors, removing marks and stains
    2. All baseboards and window sills wiped down
    3. All light fixtures, door louvers, and ceiling fans
    4. All porches and closets
    5. Do not leave anything for us to have to haul off
    6. Kitchen:
        1. Clean stove, under stove top, oven, broiler, racks, sides and floor underneath; clean Vent-A-Hood and Filter.
        2. Defrost and clean inside and outside of refrigerator and freezer, clean trays, racks, etc., dump ice trays, unplug and leave doors open.
        3. Clean sink, cabinets, doors, etc.
    7. Bathroom:
        1. Remove soap scum and clean bathtub, shower and sink (including caulked area around top and bottom of tub).
        2. Scrub toilet inside and out.
        3. Clean mirror, medicine cabinet, toothbrush holder, soap dish and towel racks.
    8. General:
        1. Sweep and mop ALL floors, wash off all walls, baseboards and doors, remove ALL cobwebs, clean all blinds.
        2. Do not remove items permanently attached, such as ceiling fans, etc. If you have additional wiring for air conditioners or dryers, this must be left in tact.
        3. Replace all missing light bulbs. These were furnished when you moved in.
        4. A charge is made for any damage to the apartment, windows, torn screens, and bent or damaged blinds, etc.
        5. If you have installed carpet, you are expected to remove the adhesive and restore the tile to the original finish.

Eviction notices
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  • A three (3) day eviction notice will be issued for criminal activity or health and safety hazards.
  • A fourteen (14) day eviction notice will be issued for non-payment of rent.
  • All other eviction notices will be 30 days.

Move-Outs and Security deposits
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In order for the security deposit to be returned the tenant must:

  • Give 30 day written notice.
  • Leave the apartment in the same condition it was in when they moved in absent normal wear and tear.
  • Not owe the Housing Authority a balance.
  • Give the HA a forwarding address.

Inspections and apartment entry
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  • The Housing Authority will give 48 hour written notice before inspections with the exception of emergency inspections.
  • Maintenance will change the air filters in your unit the second full week of every month. (This is your notice.)

Other Rules and Regulations
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  • The Poinsett County Housing Authority takes care of all maintenance at no charge for normal wear and tear. There WILL be a charge for tenant caused damages.
  • Tenant must keep their unit up to housekeeping standards at ALL times. (Housekeeping Policy is handed out at move-in interview)
  • Tenant agrees not to make alterations to the unit.
  • The Housing Authority has a ZERO tolerance for any resident that destroys or allows their guest to destroy PCHA property.
  • The Housing Authority has a ZERO tolerance for criminal activity on the property. If the criminal activity is due to physical violence or drugs the activity does not have to take place on the Housing Authority property for the tenant to be evicted.
  • All vehicles must be registered.
    1. All vehicles must be tagged and in working condition.
    2. You may not make major repairs on HA property.
  • If necessary you must meet Community Service requirements (See community service pamphlet handed out at move-in interview.)
  • ALL pets must be pre-approved by the Housing Authority and a pet deposit paid BEFORE the pet occupies the unit.

Renewal and Interim changes
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  • The Housing Authority will conduct re-exams annually for all renters. Re-exams for renters that pay flat rent will be conducted every three years.
  • If there is a decrease in rent due to an interim exam the rent will change the 1st of the next month.
  • If there is an increase in rent due to an interim exam the new rent will be effective the 1st of the 2nd month.

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  • Tenant MUST transfer utilities within 5 days of the lease date, and provide the Housing Authority with the new account numbers.
  • Tenant agrees to keep tenant supplied utilities on at all times. If they are disconnected you will be notified in writing to have them reconnected within five days or a three day eviction notice will be issued.

Household Composition
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  • Only the tenant and his/her household members named on the lease may occupy the unit.
  • Any additions to the household MUST be pre-approved. They must meet the screening criteria, provide all the necessary information, and the unit must be of appropriate size.
  • You may have overnight company for a period not to exceed 14 cumulative days per year. Permission may be granted upon written request to the Public Housing Manager for an extension.

Charges and payments
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  • Rent is due on the 1st of every month.
    1. Rent is late after the 10th
    2. A $25.00 late fee is assessed on the 11th of the month.
  • Payments may be made at any office at the office with check, cashier check, or money order accepted.
  • There is a $35.00 charge on all returned checks.